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Germany, Berlin


Timeless and functional: thanks to their reduced aesthetics, the formal language of TEBTON® designs comes across as a certain matter of course. As if they had always been there. At the same time, the possibilities for use are manifold: the lamps, tables, stools and shelves fit skillfully into a wide variety of furnishing styles and function just as well in an ensemble as they do as solitaires. They are almost universally applicable. The best example: the "Unibody" series of bowls, which function as magazine and towel or bread and fruit baskets. All products are produced in Berlin or within a radius of 25 kilometres - from powder coating to metal processing. The owner and creative mind behind TEBTON® is Alan Müller. He founded his brand in 2018, but originally studied film. He continues this artistic approach in his products. In addition to the sculptural appearance of many objects, however, the focus is clearly on function.


accessories, stools, chairs, storage



Here we show the logos of the brands we represent as a commercial agency for example of Buster + Punch Nachshon Squarely Tebton Berlin


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